TOP’s Partner TopBlocks Participated in the Filecoin Hackathon and Achieved Great Results

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3 min readAug 2, 2022
TOP Network × TopBlocks

Competition Review

On July 30th, TOP Network’s eco-partner TopBlocks participated in the offline finals of the Filecoin Hackathon and achieved great results. Previously, TopBlocks stood out among nearly 200 teams that signed up and became one of 11 finalist teams. TopBlocks conducted a project demo on the spot, and finally won the third prize on the Filecoin track and the Best Innovation award!

In this competition, the TopBlocks team proposed the concept of “PinTogether”, that is, with “memory” as the core and NFT as the carrier of memory, the memory is preserved in a virtual world independent of the real world. The virtual world uses the map of the real world as a blank blueprint. Users can organize activities in PinTogether and build historical footprints by use of coordinates. The entire project is specially built for Web3 and will be deployed on the TOP chain. At the same time, the NFT data will be stored on the Filecoin chain, which is the first attempt between TOP Network and Filecoin.

“Time and space are connected by NFT, creating a world bound by soul” — Comments from Filecoin judge on PinTogether.

PinTogether NFT is different from the traditional NFT we have known. The team will design fading for NFT in the form of memory and establish a DAO-based ownership framework.

TopBlocks × TOP Network

One goal of the TopBlocks team, a partner of the TOP Network ecosystem, is to build Dapps on the TOP chain to jointly boost the ecosystem. TopBlocks was invested by TOP Network in 2020 and is headquartered in the United States. It mainly includes Top Blocks Studio, TOP supernodes, and other businesses, covering IPFS, blockchain game development, supernode services, etc. It serves as an important driving force to improve the TOP ecosystem.

TopBlocks fully embraces Web3, builds Web3 applications, and finally deploys the applications on the TOP chain, which coincides with the TOP’s goal for Web3. The core businesses in the TOP Network ecosystem are mainly Web3 applications, GameFi, and Metaverse, and these businesses are very sensitive to transaction throughput, transaction confirmation speed, transaction fees, and user experience. The competition work submitted in this hackathon is also based on the TOP chain’s ability to support these businesses. Later the TopBlocks team will have more Web3 application attempts.

For this competition, PinTogether proposed memory storage in different scenarios and memories will fade with people’s feelings about them. Besides, the low-cost and even free use of the TOP Network can meet the needs of the massive groups required by PinTogether for memory accumulation, stacking, and repeated iterations in the form of NFTs.

Time and space are connected by NFT, creating a world bound by soul. NFT relies on TOP Network to realize the close connection between people in different regions whether in the past, present, or future.

Congrats again to the TopBlocks team for their great success!

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