TOP Network issues tokens for its stakers. TOP team voluntarily extends their own lock-up time by 6 months

The one-year lockup period for all our investors -as described in the original whitepaper- has officially expired. As such all the associated staked tokens have been unlocked and released. This also means that all the tokens staked by us, aka the TOP Foundation, has been released as well.

However, we believe in the work that we are doing. We are extremely confident about the long-term growth and potential of our public chain. This is why, as a team, we have voluntarily decided to extend our personal lock-up time by a further six months. We also want to make it clear that not a single TOP from our stake will ever be sold in the open market. Our tokens will only be used for mainnet staking. Our own interests lies in the long-term health of our project. As such, we felt that it was prudent to take this step.

If you have any questions, then feel free to reach out to us via our Telegram

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