TOP Network Biweekly Report: September 4— September 18

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2 min readSep 17, 2020

Breaking News

On September 15, 6AM(GMT+8), the three-week Filecoin space race came to a successful end. Top Blocks, funded by TOP Network, performed very well and ranked first globally in mining efficiency. Top Blocks has long occupied the top spot in the mining rankings in North America.

TopIPFS’s results proved not only the strong technical strength of the team but also its potential in exploring and seizing the overseas market. The team will continue to put technology first and make full preparations for the second round of the space race and the mainnet launch.


  • Several issues affecting release, such as memory leaks and excessive cache usage in the v1.27 version of the master branch of the main chain, have been resolved.
  • In the future, we will mainly focus on the following two issues. First, to stabilize the beacon clock block (designed as a 10s clock block, sometimes fluctuates to 13s under the big network to complete a clock block). Second, to open a large number of transactions for all shards. Optimize the problem of contract blockage in the beacon system.
  • In the Tahoe branch (v0.98), the problems introduced by the merging process of multiple versions have been solved. It is now stable.
  • The overall open source preparations for the main chain are completed. However, the progress of multilingual translation of documents has been delayed, and it is estimated that it will take 2–3 weeks to complete.


The HiWallet wallet has officially launched the fiat currency payment function, and users can purchase cryptocurrency directly with fiat currency in the wallet.

Activity Review

On September 14th, Noah Wang, the co-founder of TOP Network, was invited to have an AMA with DOS product director Jerry Liu in the DOS Telegram community. Noah gave a detailed introduction to TOP Network, allowing the DOS community to learn more about our protocol. He also answered the questions raised by the community throughout the AMA.



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