TOP Network Biweekly Report: October 1 — October 16

HiWallet News

HiWallet, TOP Network’s official wallet, will implement a DeFi aggregation proxy investment function in the fourth quarter. This function will effectively lower the threshold for users to participate in DeFi mining in the form of smart contracts and truly realize DeFi’s one-click generation mining.

This will lower the entry barriers for users since they will no longer be blocked by the complicated procedures of DeFi mining and the high investment threshold. They can participate in DeFi mining with a small amount of funds and enjoy mining benefits by simply performing simple operations on HiWallet.

Along with that, here are some other updates about the wallet:

  • Wallet Connect connection is now live. Users can scan the code through HiWallet to link to the Dapp on the web.
  • The overall revision of the HiWallet wallet homepage has been completed.
  • The BTC/ETH sending transaction has been optimized.

Technological Progress

  • The main optimization tasks of the main chain master branch (v1.27) have been cleaned up.
  • The second phase of the main chain upgrade and external node access to the network has been completed, and most of the problems have been resolved. However, there are still two major issues: the incomplete match between data synchronization and consensus speed and memory leaks, which are expected to be resolved within 2–3 weeks.


On October 21, Noah Wang, the co-founder of TOP Network, will conduct an AMA in the FDEX exchange community to discuss new opportunities for the public chain ecological layout in the DeFi boom. At the same time, it also allows the FDEX exchange community to learn more about TOP Network.



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TOP Network Official Account

TOP Network Official Account


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