TOP Network Biweekly Report: July 8 — July 21

Introducing — TopIPFS

One Life Buoy

Technological progress

  • Some bugs in the main branch of the v0.97 version have been removed. There are currently 19 major bugs left to remediate.
  • The optimization iteration version #2 of the system contract data volume has been fully developed to sustain a large amount of data.
  • P2P network anti-DDOS attack optimization version #3 has been completed and closed.

Events review

  • July 8th was a busy day for Noah Wang, the co-founder of TOP Network, visited the Beiyang Cloud School of Tianjin University and shared the innovation, empowerment, and breakthrough of the “blockchain+” era.
  • After that at 16:00 of the same day, Noah was a guest on the mining coin network to discuss staking mining.
  • At 17:00 on July 8, Rachel Huo, Top Network’s Marketing Director, was invited to participate in the All-Star Live Festival held by Fruity Finance, a dialogue with investment tycoon Richard.
  • At 19:30 on July 15th, Noah was a guest at Fruity Finance and chatted with Dou Yan, researcher and deputy dean of Haieryi Network, about how blockchain technology can empower traditional enterprises.



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