TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: October 27, 2021-November 9, 2021

Tech Progress

TOP Chain

2. In conjunction with the release of BitVPN, the supporting version corresponding to the TOP mainnet is undergoing final regression testing, and the upgraded version is expected to be officially released in mid-November.

3. TOP mainnet optimization version: The optimization of the two modules of RocksDB and TopArgus system has made great progress, CPU and I/O consumption have been significantly reduced, and the real-time performance of TPS and consensus has been improved by more than 10%.

4. TOP node data automatic dynamic cutting: The cutting function for the unit block has been checked and accepted, and the automatic cutting code for the table block has been completed, but it is still being tested and accepted.

5. The system contracts on the side chain have been migrated to the new contract framework, and the entire process has been tested and accepted. The next step is to port the new version of the WASM virtual machine into the new contract framework.

Activity Review

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