TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: July 20, 2022–August 2, 2022

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Tech Progress

TOP Chain

1. The decentralized cross-chain bridge between Ethereum and the TOP completes the preparation of the community experience, including faucets, documents, test environments, etc. GAS optimization has been completed, and gas is currently at the same level as third parties. Meanwhile, the security issues found by code review have been resolved.

2. The 1.7.0 version of TOP mainnet re-planned and officially started, with the goal of completing the cross-chain infrastructure of NFT and NFR, including the roll-out of one-click multichain. At present, the requirements review is completed, and the outline design is about 50% complete.

3. NFT trading platform technology and Proof-of-Concept Demo has completed the requirements review and technical certification.

Activity Review

TOP Network’s strategic partner TopBlocks was a finalist among nearly 200 entries and won the third prize on the Filecoin track and the Best Innovation Award. “PinTogether” proposed by the TopBlocks team is an attempt to combine TOP and Filecoin chains, deploy applications on the TOP chain, and store data on the Filecoin chain.

“Time and space are connected by NFT, creating a world bound by soul” — Commented by Filecoin judge on PinTogether.

We hope the Dapp will be optimized and open for the community.

Upcoming Events

The TOP decentralized cross-chain bridge has gone through the internal experience stage. After the optimization is completed, it will be open to the community for the experience. The cross-chain bridge public test and the bug bounty program will be launched at the same time with the support of the TOP Foundation. Stay tuned!

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TOP Network Official Account

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