TOP Network Bi-weekly Report: August 3, 2022-August 16, 2022

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3 min readAug 16, 2022

Tech Progress

1. BSC-HECO-TOP cross-chain bridge accident investigation, self-inspection, traceability and safety review of the whole process. The bridges, ports and services involving TOP assets are sorted out in all respects and security gets strengthened. It mainly covers private key generation, encryption safekeeping, multi-signature, key replacement, and includes the permission management as the owner or the admin of the contract, and the traceability and tracking of the O&M system. Follow-up measures to the incident have also been announced to the community.(Telegram:

2. TOP mainnet version 1.6.0: For the decentralized cross-chain, security reinforcement measures are added in accordance with the bottom-line safety guidelines. The upgrade time of the mainnet is expected to be around August 20. At the same time, the cross-chain bridge open test is still underway.

3. TOP Mainnet Version 1.7.0 Progress: TOP team has completed the architecture design of the main tasks, the draft of the NFR specification and the NFR cross-chain specification. The relevant security measures in the design are re-evaluated.

Activity Progress

On August 5, the TOP Network team officially launched the TOP cross-chain bridge open test and the bug bounty. The reward for a single issue is up to 15 million TOP, which shows the importance of the safety of ETH-TOP cross-chain bridge for the TOP team. The open test will end on August 24(UTC+8) and as of today, nearly 200 submissions have been collected from the community. The TOP technical team is evaluating each submitted forms and will announce the confirmed issues to you soon.

Detailed introduction to the cross-chain bridge test:

Issue submission:

Important Notice

The TOP contract on the BSC/HECO has become invalid.

At present, the TOP contract on the BSC/HECO is invalid. So don’t buy TOP for now on BSC/HECO in case of any asset losses. Find more detailed progress of TOP in the telegram community.

The existing cross-chain bridges and port services are temporarily closed.

At present, the TOP team has temporarily shut down all bridges involving TOP and some port services for security reinforcement. There are three affected performances:

1. TOP staking on Ethereum: The direct influence is that the data cannot be displayed.

2. Native TOP staking. Currently you cannot select a staking period in HiWallet and your staking cannot continue.

3. The withdrawal of earnings in HiWallet will also be affected.

However, you can stake and withdraw normally in TOPIO.

We assure you that all your data and earnings won’t be affected by this. We will reopen the bridges when the TOP team completes asset reinforcement. At that time, the data will be displayed, and the operation will return to normal.

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