Risk Prophet? Everyone Need to Get Multiple Exchange Accounts with These Steps

Huobi and Binance have stopped letting crypto traders use mainland China mobile numbers to register new accounts, after the People’s Bank of China said on Sep.24th, all crypto-related transactions will be considered illicit financial activity. Just one night, mainland China is no longer an option for new account creation. Huobi has also announced plans to close existing accounts by year-end. A Binance spokesperson said the company doesn’t have exchange operations in China and blocks Chinese IPs.

As early as July this year, Singapore was also banned by Binance and could not be traded. In addition to this country, there are many other countries involved. Crypto finance has been accused of designing money laundering, tax evasion, etc., even in the United States, users who are on Binance need to use VPN to access.

The risk comes so quickly that even if your country can be accessed or traded now, it is very likely that tomorrow, like China and Singapore, it will be inaccessible overnight and no longer traded.

Crypto is a field full of changes and expectations. Here, overnight riches abound, and a double or double increase is also the norm. This gives some investors unlimited possibilities. It is a more exciting and more exciting field than the stock market.

How do we continue to wander in this hopeful world? You need to get yourself prepared for an exchange account or multiple accounts.

How to open international exchange accounts? Three steps to easily set up your account:

Choosing a trusted VPN is important. You can use your trusted one or use BitVPN. As the industry’s first decentralized VPN App built on the TOP Chain, BitVPN is a VPN product specially created for users of the blockchain world. The user’s account data is stored in a decentralized database. The VPN service is built in a decentralized VPN network, it is the ultimate Internet privacy and network access solution for users.

Going to another country, and getting a local number was considered as common sense to have a real phone number. But in Dingtone, you do not need to register your ID or pick a phone number with customer service. Dingtone provides more than 20 countries’ phone numbers, simply download the App and pick the one that you like. That’s easy!

Let’s take Binance registration for example.

A. What you’ve prepared are Dingtone phone number, BitVPN.

B. Using BitVPN to connect to the country you want to register.

C. Go to https://www.binance.com/en and click “Register” on the right upper corner.

D. Click “Mobile” on the registration page and enter your Dingtone phone number.

E. Account will be created subsequently.

Now, you have a new and valid exchange account. Of course, if you need to extend the transaction limit, you must also finish the KYC authentication. There are also some practical ways to get KYC abroad, making sure the risk is under control. Risks always exist, you need to do better preparation!

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