Introducing The Blockchain Silk Road

The Coronavirus has devastated young and promising blockchain startups from around the world. They are struggling to gain any foothold and have failed to enter the market. If that accurately describes your project, then don’t worry, TOP Network is here for you! To help overseas projects enter the Chinese market, TOP is launching the “Blockchain Silk Road.”

By successfully tapping into the Chinese market, you will be able to get the traction required to weather the storm. Post-crisis, you can leverage this to strengthen your foothold in one of the most in-demand markets in the world.

Register before the 5th of April and get your hands on market resources such as AMAs, PRs, and offline activities in China. TOP will use its considerable resources in media and its various communities to provide the best possible support to the registered projects.

If you want to be a part of the program then register yourself here.

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TOP Network is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem composed of public blockchain, DApps & decentralized communication. Website:

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