In the early morning of January 4, TOP mainnet was successfully upgraded to the New Horizons version. This upgrade means that the mining of the TOP mainnet has officially started. Users can either act as miners on the TOP mainnet to obtain mining rewards, or they can vote for miners to obtain dividend rewards.

TOP adopts PoS consensus mechanism, which means the chain will be safer if there’re more stakes and more miners in the network. Meanwhile, to celebrate our mainnet upgrade, we hereby roll out multiple bounties!

BOUNTY 1 Join Mining Competition to win 10,000,000 TOP & 500 FIL

At 2 pm Eastern Time on January 19, 2006, NASA’s “New Horizons” spacecraft was launched from the coast of Florida, starting a long journey in history.

The launch of the “New Horizons” spacecraft is the first exploration of Pluto in human history and the first visit to the Kuiper Belt when the Kuiper Belt is known to exist. This means that the last boundary of the solar system is opened, and mankind begins to enter the interstellar age!

15 years later, TOP Mainnet has been successfully upgraded to the “New Horizons” version. This is a tribute to humanity’s exploration of…

TOP Mining ROI

With the official upgrade of the TOP testnet to the Galileo version, it means that the TOP mainnet upgrade has sounded the clarion call for victory. After this upgrade, TOP’s mainnet will officially accept external nodes to the network. Today, let’s calculate whether TOP mining is worth participating in, and how high the profit of TOP mining can reach.

First of all, you need to understand the issuance of TOP and the rules of mining rewards. In the initial stage, the maximum issuance of TOP was 20 billion, of which the total mining reward was 7.6 billion, accounting for 38%…

Join Now to Experience the Entire Process of TOP Mining

Galileo Testnet

On November 12, the TOP testnet was officially upgraded to the Galileo version. The Galileo testnet has almost all the functions of the TOP mainnet. More importantly, after the upgrade, users can experience the entire process of TOP mining on the Galileo testnet.

Become a TOP mainnet node and get abundant mining revenue

For average users, the most concern is how to become a node of the TOP mainnet after the upgrade of the TOP mainnet for mining. Before becoming a node of the TOP mainnet, you need to understand the current node types of the TOP mainnet.

The TOP mainnet currently has three types of nodes: Edge, Validator, and…

TOP Mining Platform

Since the birth of Bitcoin, the digital currency mining industry has gradually emerged. From the initial Bitcoin mining to the mining of major public chains, to the current liquidity mining that has spread throughout the entire blockchain circle, mining methods are becoming more and more complex. Faced with countless mining projects and cumbersome mining processes in the market, many investors are hesitated and even rejected by the unfriendly mining threshold.

Many investors interested in the mining industry are looking for a simple and easy-to-operate mining method. The huge mining market seems to be waiting for a one-stop mining platform to…

With the increasing Mac users of TOP miners, it is necessary for us to write this “How to Mine TOP Token on macOS” to help our miners to mine TOP more smoothly and efficiently. So, this article will guide Mac users to connect to remote servers through Terminal step by step. This guide will help you to build an easy access to mine TOP and earn high rewards.

For any questions during the setting process, please join Telegram Official Group and ask admins for assistance. We will help you resolve the questions as soon as we can.


Before connecting to…

On April 28th, TOP Network conducted an AMA with its strategic partners InfStones and Krypto Knight in the community.

Rudy Lu, marketing director of InfStones, Jackie Fang, commercial director of Krypto Knight, and Rockey, senior product manager of TOP Network, explained in detail the current situation and future development trend of PoS mining, and conveyed to the community the specific plans for the coming period, showing the community members the new opportunities of PoS mining.

The following is the full content of this AMA:

1. Please introduce yourself and your company (project) separately.

Rudy Lu, Marketing Director of InfStones:


TOP Mainnet

According to TOPScan data, there are currently 695 miners and nearly 1.5 billion voting deposits on the TOP mainnet chain, the mining reward is about 180 million TOP. At present, TOP mainnet mining is still in the bonus period. The earlier you join the mining, the higher profit you can get. With the expansion of the TOP ecosystem and the rise of currency prices later, the long-term miners in the TOP mainnet will gain immeasurable benefits.

Technological progress

TOP Chain

1. The TOP chain infrastructure team has optimized fast synchronization, cross-slice receipt de-duplication performance, cross-slice receipt reliability delivery…

April 13, 2021 — TOP Network and Krypto Knight are pleased to announce that they have established a formal strategic partnership. In the future, the two parties will carry out close and in-depth cooperation in various aspects such as market promotion, network construction, community expansion, and technical operation and maintenance.

Through this cooperation, Krypto Knight will officially launch TOP Staking in its mining pool, allowing more miners to mine TOP mainnet through TOP Staking. As more users participate in TOP Staking, the TOP ecosystem will be further expanded, which is of great significance to the future development of TOP. …

On April 7, TOP Network and InfStones formally established a strategic partnership. In the future, the two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in market promotion, TOP mainnet construction, and community expansion.

Through this cooperation, InfStones will add TOP mainnet mining entrance to its mining pool and recommend TOP to more staking miners. In the future, more people will become TOP miners and TOP holders, which is of great significance to the further development of TOP. …

TOP Network Official Account

TOP Network is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem composed of public blockchain, DApps & decentralized communication. Website:

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